Beer Marshmallows & 9 Surprising Kitchen Features

Most popular posts published February 19-25, 2011

Popular posts this past week included a roundup of great tutorials for the kitchen, a recipe for basic banana bread, and some weird and unexpected kitchen features! Read on for these and the top ten.

15. How To Make Basic Banana Bread
14. Food Blog Spotlight: The Kitchen Generation
13. Sweet Tutorials: 15 How Tos for Making Sweet Treats
12. Kitchen Tour: Sasha and Michael's Charming Aqua Kitchen
11. Cooking Confessions: What Are Your Recipe Pet Peeves?

10. Quick Tip: Use Less Soap For Cleaner Hand Washed Dishes

9. How Can I Make Moist, Fluffy Bakery-Style Cupcakes?

8. Copycat Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows

7. Nigella Lawson on What Makes For a Cozy Kitchen

6. Curry & Hot Pepper: 10 Hot & Spicy Dishes

5. The Kitchn's Top 20 Kitchen Tours Of All Time (So Far)

4. Duty-Free Food Souvenirs: Kinder Bueno Chocolates (and Why Not to Buy Kinder Eggs)

3. Expert Errors: The Mistakes TV Chefs Make

2. Slide Out, Pop Up! 9 Surprising Kitchen Features

1. How To Cook Just About Anything

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