Milk Liqueur, Popcorn Tips & a Dramatic Kitchen Makeover

Most popular posts published January 29 - February 4, 2011

Hot posts this past week included a strange yet delicious combo of milk and alcohol, tips and tutorials for cooking eggs and cutting things up, as well as a great kitchen renovation. Read on for these and more!

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14. How To Cut Up a Chicken: 10 Knife Skills Tutorials
13. Weekend Meditation: Using It All Up
12. Good 'n' Tangy: 8 Recipes with Mustard
11. Keeping Count: 5 Ways to Keep Track While Measuring

10. Flexitarians: Newest Diet Fad or Sensible Lifestyle?

9. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Bourbon Balls

8. Marvelous Valentine's Recipe: Strawberry Milk Cake

7. How To Soften Hard Bread

6. Curious Cooks: Why Is Table Salt Iodized?

5. Adieu, Minimalist! Mark Bittman Gets a New Column

4. Milk and Booze! How To Make Sweet Milk Liqueur

3. Kitchen Before & After: A Total Tiny Kitchen Makeover

2. Popcorn Popping Tip: Start with Just 3 Kernels

1. How To Cook an Egg: 22 Egg Tips & Tutorials

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