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Happy weekend! Want to catch up on your reading from The Kitchn? Start here, with our most popular 15 posts of the past week. There were cool cucumber noodles, a dozen crazy S'mores, fresh ideas for basil, small and smart kitchens, and more. Read on to see them all (or flip through the gallery — PSA: did you know that you can use your arrow keys to go forward and backward in our new and improved slideshows?).

15. Overripe Bananas? Make Granola! 
14. Summer Craving: Cold & Crunchy Cucumber Noodles 
13. 10 Questions to Test Your Food IQ 
12. 12 Creative S'mores for a Party
11. Top 10 Ways to Use Up Overripe Fruit 

10. A Backyard S'mores Party 

9. Recipe: Lemon Curd Ice Cream 

8. Ideas for Protein-Rich Breakfasts Without Eggs? 

7. Vote! Small Cool Kitchens Week 3 and 4 

6. How To Make Kettle Corn at Home 

5. Summer Recipe: Fresh Peach Soda 

4. What's Up With Baking Eggs in Avocados? 

3. The Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh 

2. How To Make Hummus from Scratch

1. 10 Delicious Ways to Use a Bunch of Basil

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