More Urban Millennials Are Embracing Microkitchens

More Urban Millennials Are Embracing Microkitchens

Kelli Foster
Dec 9, 2015
(Image credit: The New York Times)

For most of us, our kitchen mantra is the more space, the better; we want a spacious, well-stocked room with sprawling countertops, ample storage, and large ovens and appliances. And while some of us might cringe at the thought of a kitchen no larger than a small nook, there's a group of urban millennials that don't quite share the sentiment, reports The New York Times.

They're both seeking out and embracing apartments with super-small microkitchens.

But don't misunderstand this as a sign that these city-dwelling 20- and 30-somethings are moving away from cooking; they place a lot of value on good food, and even expensive, high-end appliances. Instead, they're opting for microkitchens, happily trading a roomier kitchen for more open space to use for entertaining.

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