More New Le Creuset Colors for 2009: Black and White

Last week we showed you Citron, the newish Le Creuset color at Williams-Sonoma. There are also new colors at Sur La Table and Bloomingdales, and we are rather smitten with one.

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The new colors are White and Black Onyx. Currently Sur La Table and Bloomingdales have an exclusive on the White, although it will be available more widely late this year. The Black Onyx is also available exclusively from Bloomingdales.

We are enamored of the black; it's glossy, dark, and dramatic, and we think it would show off winter food to great effect. White bean stew with red peppers, or beef shanks with parsley. Yum yum.

Black or white Le Creuset -- what's your pick?

Le Creuset at Bloomingdales
Le Creuset at Sur La Table

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(Images: Le Creuset)

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