Monkey Bread, Best Homemade Gifts & 5 Easy Pasta Dishes

Friday Flashback

Who can say no to warm monkey bread drizzled with sweet bourbon sauce? No one, that's who. Also fantastic, we have Thai-style brussels sprouts, a quick way to cool hot baking sheets, boozy warm drinks to chase your chills, and many more treats from this time last year. Take a look!

Recipe: Monkey Bread with Creme Anglaise
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5 Easy Warm Pasta Dishes
Recipe: Thai-Style Brussels Sprouts
Cookie-Baking Tip: A Quick Way to Cool Hot Baking Sheets
Jewish Holiday Recipe: Mom's Simple Savory Kugel

Homemade Gifts: Our 10 Best Sweet & Savory Treats
Cozy Up Tonight: 5 Hot Drinks with Booze
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Look! Make Your Own Maple Cream
Quick Recipe: Bacon, Kale, and Turkey Stew
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