We had a weekend full of fried food, mindless snacking, and a road trip stop at Waffle House. We know you've been there, too, waking up on Monday morning with a craving for salad (for breakfast). How do you make a fresh start? We're not interested in a fast, necessarily, or an extreme juice diet, but we're game for some ideas...

The most obvious for us would be to cut out meat for the day, eat simple vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of water. Grapefruit always feels refreshing on a morning like this.

On the other hand, Monday morning often finds us with empty cupboards—especially if we've been out of town. So we may be using up the last of some pantry stragglers, like a half-empty bag of quinoa or wheat berries. Maybe a quick stop at the grocery for something green will round out a meal.

What are your tips for "detoxing" after a weekend of heavy eating? Smoothies? Stir-fry? Let us know.

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(Image: Flickr member Leonid Mamchenkov, licensed for use under Creative Commons)