Suspended in Air: Molo Float Glasses

What if there was a glass you could use for anything? To hold a steaming cup of tea or a pour of wine? A glass designed in such a way that whatever you poured into it looked like it was floating in air? This, my friends, is the Molo Float glass.

Molo Float glasses are handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic, and are made from German borosilicate glass (this is why they can handle both hot and cold drinks without shattering). The suspended bowl inside the glass serves two purposes: first, it's beautiful to look at and makes it seem as if your drink is floating in mid-air, and secondly, it acts as an insulator.

Available in nine different styles — from tea cups to champagne flutes and martini glasses — these glasses, unsurprisingly, don't come cheap at around $80 for a pair. A stunning look and price to match.

Find It → Molo Float Glassware, $75 and up at Molo

(Image credits: Molo)