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Ever dreamed of smoking ribs or brisket right in your own back yard? You may think it's out of your reach — buying a smoker may sound intimidating and pricey. But it's not! Even a cheap smoker can give you great results. Timothy of Charles & Hudson recently modified a cheap smoker for better performance — here's a peek at what he did!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Timothy took a $40 Brinkmann smoker (one of the cheapest you can buy) and with nothing more than a drill, made some mods to get this thing cooking.

Here's a quick recap. He drilled holes and vented the top and bottom better, and installed a thermostat. And he installed feet on the bottom of the smoker. The result? That fabulously smoked meat up there. Ugly, but delicious — see all that bark? Yum!

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Do you have a smoker? Did you build it yourself, or modify it from a cheap model like Timothy? Any advice to share?

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(Images: Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson)