Minty Pea and Arugula Wonton Ravioli, Chocolate Caramel Matzo Brittle, Beef Tenderloin Sliders & Milk Kefir

New Recipes From The Kitchn

There's a lot going on in the next couple weeks where cooking plays an essential role, and we've got new recipes to prove it. If you're observing Passover, try the ethereal chocolate caramel matzo brittle; if you're looking forward to Easter you need to tackle the honey-glazed ham; and if you want to take advantage of spring (because duh), keep it simple with fresh asparagus, egg and parmesan. As a bonus, everyone should try their hand at milk kefir –– you only need two ingredients! No excuses.

(Image credits: Sarah E Crowder; Erin Alderson; Faith Durand; Karen Biton-Cohen; Sara Kate Gillingham; Nealey Dozier; Emma Christensen; Rachel Joy Baransi; Maureen Petrosky)