Mini Paella! Summer Seafood Appetizer

Look at this tiny, beautiful pan of paella! We had this at a lovely tapas restaurant in Seattle last week, and we were so inspired by the presentation. See, paella is one of our favorite dishes, but it is rather work-intensive, and expensive too when you're making it for a big group of people.

So we'd love to lift this idea straight from tapas and into our next dinner party. We'd make a modestly sized pan of paella and then serve it in little dishes to our guests as a first course or an hors d'ouevre. Looks beautiful, and delicious too, right?

Plus, it's one more way to put all those mini pans to good use.

Do you have a good recipe for paella? We have a couple friends we consult when we want to make this classic dish, but we also like to refer to this article from Fine Cooking:

Paella How-To
• This recipe also looks promising: Seafood Paella at Mattikaarts

PS - The Basque tapas place where we had this great little dish was called Txori Bar, in Belltown.

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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