Microplane: New Colors

Microplane: New Colors

Faith Durand
Feb 19, 2008

We're going lemon yellow in hopes that spring will come soon! Looks like Microplane is too...

We just bought a new Microplane at Williams-Sonoma, and they have a new color exclusive to them. The zester model now has a bright yellow handle.

The reason we thought this was worth reporting (other than, hello! Yellow!) was that the employee who rang us up told us that Microplane is gradually switching out all their models to have colored handles. This way you will easily be able to identify and grab the right model out of the utensil drawer.

What do you think? Would you rather keep all your Microplanes the same color? Or does the idea of bright color-coding appeal to you?

Yellow Zester Microplane at Williams-Sonoma

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