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If you make your own mayonnaise at home, you know that keeping a nice, even emulsion is the ultimate goal. This is, of course, easier said than done. Until now.

New York Times food writer extraordinaire, Melissa Clark, shares a secret to smooth mayonnaise every time. In fact she calls this technique a "potential game changer."

Essentially the trick involves adding a teaspoon of water to the yolks before you add the oil, creating a nice, smooth emulsion. In researching the science behind this, Clark refers to Tucker Bunch, chef and instructor at Culinary Institute of America, who notes that "A little water physically broadens the space between fat droplets, helping them stay separate." So simple! We knew this was a good trick for fixing homemade mayonnaise after it has separated in the fridge but we hadn't ever tried it when making mayo from scratch. See our video on making mayonnaise here:

How To Make Mayonnaise: The Video

Do you have any magic mayo tricks up your sleeve?
Watch Melissa's Video: Making Mayonnaise

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