Megan's Baker's Kitchen in Los Angeles

Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Rent Division

Who cooks here? Megan and her beau (plus their baby kitty, Boshi)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Owned or rented? Rented
Kitchen size: 57 square feet

What challenge have you overcome in your kitchen? Since I have limited counter space I utilized wall space for extra storage, I installed open IKEA shelves on one wall and hanging pots and pan storage on another for my All-Claid which is tricky to fit into cabinets. continued

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What challenge have you overcome in your kitchen?(continued)
I also stored spices and knives on magnets on the wall and again using an ikea wall track above the sink I was able to raise sink tools off the counter. Adding a kitchen island on the other side of the counter also gave me more counter and storage space! The clock is a math clock because my beau is a mathematician!

What's the story of your kitchen?
As an avid cook and baker it was tricky to fit all the tools I needed into my tight galley kitchen but by adding storage space and utilizing the walls while keeping it simple I've managed to fit what I need without making the space look cluttered.

What is your favorite meal to cook here?
Birthday cakes!

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