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We've shared ways to trace the source of your chicken, flour, and milk, and now there's a website that can help trace coffee, too.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Traceablecoffee.org not only determines where the coffee was grown, but it puts a name and face on the actual producer with photos, videos, Google maps, and "tip jars" where you can give money directly to the farmer's cooperative.

In order to trace your coffee on the site, you must have the Source ID number or mobile barcode from a bag of coffee from Pachamama, a cooperative of small-scale coffee farmers from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico. (You can find brands and retailers listed on the website.) We plan to buy some so we can try the site for ourselves, but in the meantime it's still interesting to browse the videos and hear stories such as the one below:

Check it out: Traceable Coffee

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(Image: Traceablecoffee.org)