Meat Sections: Creative & Quirky Butchery Diagrams

After we featured these English and French buchery posters last summer, Alyson of Drywell Art emailed to tell us about her daily project: Creating a different meat butchery diagram every single day of the year. But traditional pork, beef, and lamb diagrams couldn't keep her interested all year long; she had to get a little quirky. Penguin, anyone? How about narwhal, artichoke anatomy, latte, day in the life of an artist, or Fail Whale butchery? Alyson's taken a Meat Section approach to them all.

There were far, far too many interesting, funny, and beautiful images in Alyson's Meat Sections Flickr stream. We particularly liked how she incorporates many art forms — origami, little sculptures, even doodling on a paper coffee cup. We had such a hard time choosing images to show you. So don't stop here — go take a look at her blog, and her Flickr.

She has a huge array of lovely and interesting butchery diagrams on her site, and some for sale in her Etsy shop too.

Visit Alyson's Meat Sections blog: Meat Sections
See all of Alyson's 2010 Meat Sections (so far!): Meat Sections on Flickr

Some of these images are available via Alyson's Etsy shop:

Alyson's Etsy shop: Drywell at Etsy

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(Images: Alyson of Drywell Art)

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