Maybe We All Would Be Healthier If We Stored Our Vegetables in a Hammock

Bright Ideas

What's the best way to eat your daily recommended fruits and vegetables? Put them at eye level in the fridge, where you can see them (and remember to eat them). We're fans of this strategy, as are the designers of the Fabrack, which is basically a hammock for your fruits and vegetables. Is this a product-oriented solution to the all-too-ineffective produce drawer?

The creators of the Fabrack, a young couple from Virginia, conceptualized it as a way to combat waste. How many times have you let carrots go slimy in the drawer? Or missed the use-by date on your lettuce by... a week or two? The Fabrack puts your vegetables front and center, giving them good airflow for better shelf life. As the creators say, "Rather than food being hidden and forgotten, Fabrack puts it on display!"

The creators are having trouble getting this into production; a Kickstarter campaign failed and then they joined the fray at Quirky.

Perhaps a hanging hammock for your fridge isn't, in the end, the best solution for keeping your vegetables front and center, but I applaud the thinking behind it, and the smart design.

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(Image credits: Fabrack)