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San Francisco, CA
Square Feet:
What makes your small kitchen so cool:
We took a non-functioning kitchen and rebuilt it to maximize storage space and upgrade all the appliances.
Describe a challenge you've overcome or a smart resource you've found for your kitchen.:
Storage is a real challenge in this condo because we have under 700 sq ft in the entire condo. We took over wasted space in the wall tucked back in corner, to create a pantry. Now, I can have the spice rack within arms reach while cooking at the stove. And all the shelves in the pantry are on roll-outs so everything is easy to reach. Without this pantry that whole corner would be wasted due to the angle of our back door.
What's your favorite meal to cook here?:
I love making soups and BLT's for lunch and or dinner. My secret is making the bacon in the oven under the broiler and toasting hamburger buns for the bread. (Much softer on the roof of the mouth than regular toast!)