Project: How To Upgrade a Kitchen with Chalkboard Paint
Name: Meg

Why Marisa Chose It: "Despite the fact that I can't stand the feeling of writing with chalk (it's one of the reasons I determined long ago that I could never be a teacher), I have always wanted to turn at least one wall of my apartment into a chalkboard. Some of my favorite kitchens incorporate the use of chalkboard paint (I particularly love Leah's recipe wall). That's why I picked Meg's chalkboard wall kitchen upgrade."

"I think she did a great job of turning a blank wall into a useful space for artistic whimsy and household communication. Hooray for chalkboard paint!"

How To Upgrade a Kitchen with Chalkboard Paint: Meg's February Jumpstart Project 2009

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Congratulations to Meg! And thank you to Marisa, too. Each Honorable Mention by one of our judges will receive a special prize from AT. We'll be in touch very shortly!