Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt & the Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt & the Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Faith Durand
Aug 19, 2009

What was cooking this time last year? Well, there was rosemary lime sparkle ice cream, a recipe for summer braised pork shanks, tomato tarts, and the best way to cook pasta. Read on for these posts and more from this week a year ago.

• Recipes and recipe reviews: fresh shell bean and sage spread, mint raspberry ice cream with a chocolate swirl, pickled beets, braised summer pork shank, cherry cheesecake ice cream, baked summer squash, visions of sugarplums ice cream, mango lassi frozen yogurt, basil, ginger, and cinnamon ice cream, and rosemary lime sparkle ice cream.

• How to make ice cream infused with herbs or spices.

• A pretty touch: Candied mint leaves.

• The perfect tomato sandwich.

• Good idea: Wine glass cleaning brushes.

• The best way to cook pasta.

• A roundup of gorgeous tomato tarts.

• Questions for David Lebovitz: What's your favorite ice cream?

• Kitchen spotlight: vintage-inspired London kitchen.

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