Maker Tour & Tips from the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Factory in Tennessee

Maker Tours

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We're so interested by how things are made — not just food, but the tools we use. Here's a look at how cast iron skillets are made in Tennessee, with some tips and expert advice we picked up along the way from Lodge. Learn what factory-seasoning actually means, the best way to clean your skillet, and a few myths about cooking in cast iron.

  1. 1. How Lodge Cast Iron Skillets Are Made in Tennessee
    Maker Tour
  2. 2. What Is Factory-Seasoned Cast Iron?
    Maker Tours
  3. 3. The Best Tools for Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware
    Maker Tours
  4. 4. 5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware
    Maker Tour

(Image credits: Erika Tracy; Faith Durand)

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