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St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that brings out the best and worst in food. There's a lot of delicious beer drinking (a good thing), and Irish soda bread (another good thing), but then there's that whole trend of using green food dye to turn everything you eat green (the bad thing). But if you are tempted to go all out on St.Patrick's Day, have no fear! You can put away your green food coloring, and try these green things instead.

1. Instead of consuming green-dyed beer, make this cocktail with green chartreuse.

2. Instead of eating green-dyed deviled eggs, make these avocado eggs.

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3. Instead of buying green-dyed bagels with cream cheese, make a green goddess grilled cheese.

(Image credit: Food Republic, Once Upon a Cutting Board)

4. Instead of making dyed green eggs and ham, put your eggs in a green pepper and eat some grapes.

(Image credit: Smosh, Foodtastic Mom )

5. Instead of dying your pizza crust green, make your own green veggie pizza.

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6. Instead of dying regular pasta green, try cucumber noodles.

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7. Instead of using green food coloring for cookies, try matcha green tea cookies.

(Image credit: Cookin' Cowgirl; Two Red Bowls )