Make the Most of Kitchen Drawers By Organizing Diagonally

When it comes to kitchen utensil storage, you really only have two options: containers on the counter or in drawers. These options work, but aren't the best use of the space. So what if you had a third option? Turn things on a diagonal!Most drawers and organizers use horizontal or vertical slots for utensil and kitchen gadget storage. Although that's fine, it isn't always the most efficient way to store longer items. This diagonal insert from Master Brands and Diamond Cabinets, found via This Old House, is pretty great, but it starts at $75. Since that's kind of pricey, why not make your own?

At your local craft store in the aisle with the balsa wood display and other wood working craft supplies, look for thin flat pieces, which will be easy to cut to length for each drawer. Attach them to the side of the drawer with E-6000 glue (silver tube in the adhesive aisle). If you're worried about doing permanent damage, you could always place an inexpensive ruler or additional piece of wood inside first.

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(Image: Diamond Cabinets via This Old House)