Gadgets: Oxo Mango Splitter Makes the Most of Your Mango

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We talk a good game here about eating locally and seasonally, but we do have a few exceptions: mangoes and avocados. We just can't break these two habits. We've searched high and low for mango and avocado trees in the Northeast, just to ease the guilt a little, but so far, no luck.

If you can't redeem yourself, indulge. Here's the perfect gadget to indulge your mango guilt: Oxo's new Mango Splitter. It takes the guessing-game out of seeding and slicing a mango. No more sticky fingers; no more wasted sweet meat.

Click here to see it action.

And as far as avocados go, no gadget necessary: we prefer to just open them up and eat them with a spoon.

You can find the Oxo Mango Splitter for $11.95 at:

(via NYTimes)

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