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Fast food isn't a great breakfast option, but there's still something alluring about that perfectly shaped egg patty, isn't there? Get the same look at home with the help of a few canning jar ring lids!

Candi over at Pinching Your Pennies started using an electric skillet (though we're pretty sure stovetop works just fine) to make biscuit-sized eggs. To make them round, she turns to canning rings: crack eggs into a bowl and give them a quick whisk. Next, grease the inside of each ring with your fat of choice (bacon, butter, spray) and pour in your egg almost to the top.

Once they start to look set you can remove the mold and flip to finish cooking. They freeze with ease and can be reheated if wrapped in a paper towel for a quick breakfast on the go!

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(Image: Pinching Your Pennies)