Madelyn's Shabby Chic Kitchen

Kitchen Spotlight

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Madelyn Baker, a stylist for Calypso St. Barth, has a fondness for faded Old World elegance. As she recently told Apartment Therapy, "I love creating clean, simple and warm environments with a little Shabby Chic mixed in" — a style that is definitely on display in her New York kitchen!

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Look how high those ceilings are! Amazingly, this room was almost completely empty when Madelyn moved in:

When we first moved in it was a blank space; yes, no sink at all. So we installed what we could afford at that time, a stainless sink and simple white cabinets… the most basic requirement. I have dressed it up a bit with antique glass knobs and a high-end faucet, but the rest remains a work in progress.

It may be a work in progress, but it's already quite lovely to look at.

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(Image credits: Liana Hayles Newton)