Lunchbox Search: Oilcloth Lunch Bags

Lunchbox Search: Oilcloth Lunch Bags

Faith Durand
Feb 14, 2007

I recently started a new job and this is a more 9-5 gig than my previous one. So work lunches have suddenly become more interesting - I am actually trying to pack lunches, instead of just working from home over lunch.

In the quest for a good lunch box or bag that won't let soup drip over my car seat, I came across oilcloth lunch sacks. They're relatively cheap, modest, and rather charming. This polka dot bag ($15.00, The Jesse B. Collection) is just the right size for a sandwich and an apple.

These Lorraine lunch bags from Dos Chicas ($36, Buy Olympia) have had their admirers around the blogosphere for quite a while now. They are a little more pricey, but oh so cute. They also come in a black and blue lacy pattern.

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