Lovely Letterpress for Your Kitchen Walls

Lovely Letterpress for Your Kitchen Walls

Dana Velden
Jul 8, 2013

Sometimes the kitchen ends up being the last place people think of when hanging art, yet even the smallest section of free wall space can use a little punch of color. While it's true that prints dealing with kitchen themes like canning, recipe ratios and seasonal produce don't belong just in the kitchen, it's also nice to tie in culinary themes, especially when they are as lovely and informative as these letterpress kitchen posters!


  • 1 Fruit & Veg Poster, $18 unframed/$50-$75 framed from Young America Creative: Fruits and vegetables arranged by month and printed in clear, white, and gold ink.
  • 2 Heirloom Tomato, $18 from missclinepress: A black and white linocut of a beautiful heirloom tomato.
  • 3 Preserva Familiar, $15 from Starshapped Press: Family Canning done in the manner of WPA posters to encourage gardening and home canning. Also available in English.
  • 4 Recipe Ratios, $20 from JigsawGraphics: A handy chart for converting teaspoons to tablespoons to ounces to grams
  • Get Some Balls, $14 from Double Ell: A cheeky admonition for canning enthusiasts of either sex.

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