Looking Really Good: Greek Mac and Cheese


I got a little inarticulate when confronted with this Greek mac and cheese. All I could say to myself was: Looks good. Looks really, really good. Um, do I have any feta?

This recipe puts a spin on mac and cheese. In some ways it's straightforward: there is a béchamel sauce of cheese, milk, and flour, and the pasta is familiar macaroni. But then we get mix-ins of gently cooked shallots and spinach, and a healthy helping of dill. The whole dish is finished with toasty breadcrumbs and crumbled feta cheese.

It sounds fresh and interesting, and yet so comforting too, on these rainy spring days. Have you ever made anything similar? Or have you tried this recipe?

Get the recipe: Greek Mac and Cheese at Saveur

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(Image: Todd Coleman/Saveur)

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