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Q: Friends of mine are getting married in a couple of weeks, and dinner is a potluck. I've been assigned to make two "slab pies" (in jelly-roll pans) and I'd love some ideas. The wedding is two hours away, so these pies need to be okay at room temperature for a bit. I'm hesitant to make a fruit pie because they often feel ordinary to me (and mine often end up soggy), but I'm open to suggestions.

Any fabulous pie recipes that would translate well to a slab format?

Sent by Ann

Editor: Ann, we have been wanting to try Smitten Kitchen's sour cherry slab pie for a long time. We also wonder if the crumb-topped apple pie pictured above might be a little less likely to get soggy over a long period of time. And finally, the peach ginger filling from these hand pies is really delicious and worth a try.

Sour cherry slab pie at Smitten Kitchen
Crumb-topped apple slab pie at Better Homes and Gardens
Individual Peach Ginger Hand Pies You Can Pack for Lunch

Readers, any recommendations or tips for Ann's slab pies?


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(Image: BHG.com)

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