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Q: Speaking of Belizeans — do you have any traditional or inspired recipes from the region? My hubby and I went last year on our honeymoon and fell in love with the culture.

We stayed at a resort in a small village where women would invite you into their homes (semi-converted to restaurants) for a home cooked dining experience. We had everything from fry jacks to rice and beans to cow foot soup! Our all-time favorite was a traditional dish called huduto, but I can't seem to find a recipe anywhere!

It is such an interesting blend of cultures (Carribbean, Latin, British, Indonesian) and the food was amazing!

Sent by Jen

Editor: Jen, you might have more luck searching under "hudut" which seems to be the accepted spelling of this dish, which is typically meat or fish cooked with plantains. Here's one recipe we found:

Hudut (Garifuna-style snapper poached in coconut milk) at The Monterey Herald

Readers, any tips or good recipes from Belize?


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(Image: Belize.com)

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