Looking for Easy, Simple Low-Carb Recipes with Legumes

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Q: I saw the question about beans and breakfast, but a lot of the suggestions involve carbs. My boyfriend and I are attempting to add more legumes into our diets, instead of carbs, but we are very unfamiliar with preparing easy, simple recipes. We purchased a can of black beans, a can of kidney beans and a bag of lentils to start taste testing. Any suggestions without all the carbs?

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Editor: Erin, we love mixing a can of beans with a few fresh ingredients — herbs, citrus, nuts — and just eating it with some avocado or some greens. Try this "recipe" for instance:

The Can O' Beans Lunch: Avocado-Lime Black Beans

Simply serve the beans with fruit or vegetables instead of with rice or tortillas.

Readers, what are some other relatively low-carb ways to enjoy beans?


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