Looking for Dairy-Free Alternative to Feta Cheese

Looking for Dairy-Free Alternative to Feta Cheese

Faith Durand
Jun 13, 2011

Q: As an avid reader of your blog on Google Reader, I have been impressed with some of the tips I have picked up. A while back I saw a great article on alternatives to dairy. I am allergic — not a lactard, unfortunately — and have been searching for an alternative to feta cheese.

I love it. Borderline obsessive. I sometimes allow myself a little bit but then I always feel my allergies coming on after tasting it. PLEASE help! Maybe the internet can help me and others in my situation.

Sent by Jacqueline

Editor: Readers, any help for Jacqueline? Any vegan or dairy-free alternatives to feta cheese that you know of?


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(Image: Faith Durand)

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