Looking For: Butter Baked Rice Recipe

Looking For: Butter Baked Rice Recipe

Faith Durand
Jan 7, 2009

Here is a recipe request from reader Gabe, who sounds quite desperate. After hearing her description of this dish, however, we're really eager to try it too! Can anyone help?

I am trying to find a recipe for Butter Baked Rice. NOT the Cooks.com recipe replicated on several other sites. I've tried it - not what I'm searching for.

WHY I'm looking - my ex-boyfriend's family is from Hawaii, and this Butter Baked Rice is a signature dish made by his mother for holidays. It is sinfully delicious, rich without being too buttery, not oily (the Cooks.com recipe made the dish horribly oily for some reason), not too salty, more towards the consistency of risotto but not quite as thick and of course made with jasmine or basmati rice instead of arborio. Of course, mom wouldn't give up the recipe to the woman who broke her son's heart, so I'm trying another tack. Please help!

Here is the link to the Cooks.com recipe she mentions.

Butter-Baked Rice

Past that, we have no idea. We have never tried baked rice, but we certainly want to now! Anyone have a good recipe?

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