Look, You Can Use a Pineapple to Make a Pretty Vase!

Tips from The Kitchn

We've got yet another reason for you to love pineapple. Turns out this delicious fruit isn't just for eating. You can also use it to make a pretty vase to decorate your tabletop!

If you have a dinner party on the horizon, fill this easy-to-make vase with a beautiful bouquet of brightly-colored flowers and your guests will be wowed by your creativity. Even if you don't have plans for guests anytime soon, treat yourself to a simple selection of flowers and use this vase to jazz up your dinner table or kitchen counter.

Added bonus - not only is this vase a nice centerpiece, but you can also add the scooped-out pineapple to your dessert or use it to make a small fruit tray!

See the original idea: Our Floral Tablescape in Palm Springs - Sugar & Cloth (Conceptualized & styled by Jenn Elliot Blake and Photo by Mary Costa Photogrpahy)

(Image credits: Sugar & Cloth)