Look! Windows Under Kitchen Cabinets

Look at this lovely kitchen from Anne's Sunny Renovation, a tour of an environmentally-conscious home redesign at our sister site Re-Nest. Our favorite feature is the placement of windows between the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Read on for another photo and the details on why this is a green feature.

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From the original entry:

The kitchen cabinets are made of Lyptus, a quick harvesting wood. The backsplash tiles are recycled glass and the countertops were used from scrap stone from a previous project.

Windows located between the countertops and cabinets provide additional natural light in the kitchen.

Of course we are big fans of natural light in the kitchen, and it seems like small windows like these, shielded by the cabinets, wouldn't need any sort of covering. They would let you see what you're cooking even better and cut down on the need for electricity in the kitchen.

What do you think? Do you like these windows?

• Click here for full tour: Green Tour: Anne's Sunny Renovation

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(Images: Rachel)

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