Look! White Rabbits Candy

Look! White Rabbits Candy

Chris Phillips
Dec 1, 2006

Today's the first of the month. For most of us, that means the rent or mortgage payment is due, or if we're lucky, today's pay day.

Here's some first of the month fun. Some people -- especially those with British roots -- say bursting out "white rabbits" as soon as they wake on the first of the month brings them good luck. Loyalists have gone as far as taping signs to their alarm clocks to make sure the "rabbits" are the first thing they say when they wake on the 1st. Maybe they should add a candy bowl?

Ancient superstition aside, this White Rabbit Candy from Japan ($1.99 for 8 oz. from Amazon.com) is a flavorful way to mark the first of the month. Fans rave about "the melt in your mouth, milky, creamy Big White Rabbit taste that's unforgettable and irreplaceable" and the fun packaging.

This candy with a printed explanation of the tradition would make a smart party favor for New Year's Eve.

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.

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