Tom Colicchio Cooks in a Rental Galley Kitchen
The New York Times

Tom Colicchio Cooks in a Rental Galley Kitchen
The New York Times

Here's some inspiration: the head judge of Top Chef and owner of several very successful Manhattan restaurants cooks at home in a rental kitchen that probably looks a lot like some of yours. He says it's so narrow that the oven and refrigerator can't be opened at the same time. Sound familiar?

Read on for more details from this basic galley kitchen and Colicchio's favorite cookbook...

We saw this piece on Colicchio's house in The New York Times Magazine on Sunday and immediately honed in on the photo of him in his kitchen. Those standard white cabinets and mystery tile floors look like those in a few kitchens we've had in the city.

Of course, Colicchio mentions more than once that he has a house on Long Island, so this isn't his only kitchen. And chances are he's like many chefs who cook more often in their restaurant kitchens than their own.

Still, it's nice to see a small, modest kitchen in the home of a great cook. We love the artwork on the wall and the fact that he, too, stores stuff on top of the fridge. As Colicchio says, "You don't need to have a Rolls-Royce kitchen to make a great meal."

Oh, and his favorite cookbook? Jacques Pépin's La Technique.

Read the full article: Craft House, from The New York Times Magazine

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Image: Ben Stechschulte/Redux for The New York Times

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