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2009_04_23-Sushi.jpg2009_04_21-SushiT.jpgLook, a sushi roller! It's like a pasta machine and a ravioli filler all in one, except, you know, for sushi rolls. This roller is a concept for the kitchen ecology exhibition at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles this June, and it was designed by German group Osko + Deichmann. Read on for step-by-step photos of how it works!

The designers say that this concept is a reflection on the fact that more and more people are making sushi at home. These traditional maki are hand rolls with rice filled with sliced vegetables and covered with a sheet of seaweed (nori). They say that some people get frustrated with the traditional way of rolling up the the maki in a mat, and this little gadget is a way to make it easier.

We have made hand rolls and summer rolls plenty of times, and we don't think they're that difficult. In fact, they're a great meal for company, especially in the summer when their cool crisp textures and flavors can really be appreciated. It's fun to put out a lot of fillings and let everyone roll up their own.

But we can still appreciate the whimsy and fun of a sushi roller; we'd like to see it in action!

• See more of Osko + Deichmann's work here: Osko + Deichmann

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(All images Osko + Deichmann)

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