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Reader Leigh sent us this great idea for a small food gift. She created little bags of mulling spices for cider and wine, and attached cards with a note and directions. Read on for another photo and more on her Christmas gift project.

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Leigh says:

I bought mulling spices in bulk from Chicago's Spice House, filled each mulling bag with either one tablespoon (for one bottle of wine) or three (for one gallon of cider). I wrote a tiny card with directions on one side and a note about spicing up the holidays on the other. The gift was so economical, and light for shipping to friends around the world!

Thank you for sharing, Leigh! This is a beautiful project.

We especially like how easy these are to ship, as she notes. You wouldn't even need a box; you could ship them in oversized card envelopes.

• Visit Leigh's sweet food blog: Kumquat Connection

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(Images: Leigh of Kumquat Connection)

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