Look! Solid Oak Kitchen Furniture from UK's Habitat

Look! Solid Oak Kitchen Furniture from UK's Habitat

Chris Phillips
May 27, 2008

We just got back from a quick trip to Birmingham and the surrounding British countryside. We haven't unpacked our lemon curd and curry pastes yet, but wanted to jump on here to share our favorite Kitchn-y find from this trip: the Massello solid oak "kitchen furniture" from Habitat ...

We're big fans of simple, freestanding solid wood kitchen islands and counters. We love the custom kitchen set-ups from Denmark's Hansen Living, but they're a bit beyond our price range right now.

We're glad to see Habitat bring out a similar style at a more affordable price. Choose a single Massello piece for an island or outfit your whole kitchen with the collection.

Now, the bad news: Habitat doesn't have a store in the US. We suppose you could have them shipped across the Atlantic. With the pound to dollar exchange rate, these pieces start at $1,000 each. Not too bad for solid wood and nice details. Does anyone know of something similar here in the US?

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(Images: Habitat, Chris for Apartment Therapy)

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