Look! Pink Rose Edible Toppers for Cupcakes

Amanda sent us these pink rose decorations she made for a batch of cupcakes, and we're so impressed! She made these stand-up toppers herself out of royal icing — take a look!

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Royal icing is a simple icing of egg whites and powdered sugar that gets very hard when it dries. Amanda used a #1M piping tip to create frosting swirls on top of the cupcakes (which also look like roses, don't you think?) and then she used a #5 tip to make these flowers out of icing. She let them dry until they were firm enough to use as decorations for the cupcakes. They are very fragile, though, and have to be handled carefully.

We think this is such a cute idea, and not too difficult, either, if you are moderately experience with a piping bag and tip.

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(Images: Amanda of i am baker)

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