Look! Patricia's Homemade Pasta Project

We love it when we get emails like this. Reader Patricia from Montreal wrote us saying that she loves the site, and it inspires her cooking. She took Emma's January weekend project challenge to make homemade pasta, and look at how well it turned out! Read on to see more of her homemade pasta.

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Patricia says:

Two weeks ago, I made pasta. I had this pasta maker I received 4 years ago and never used it.. Still in the box. So my sister and I have try it. The pasta were great and so easy to make, really!

Thanks to you for all theses ideas and tips !

Paty from Montreal

Thank YOU Paty; we loved seeing your pasta! We love seeing any of our readers' projects and ideas in the kitchen; keep sending them in! We get a lot of mail, but we try to answer every single one of our reader submissions and questions.

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(Images: Reader Patricia)

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