Look! Laure's Fresh Peach Salad

Remember Laure's question about a good salad to make with ripe peaches? Well, she came up with a great one.

Here's what she says about this salad:

I went off one of the comments and made a peach, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and mint salad. I used greens from Maggie's Farm (at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market). They have an incredible mix that includes flower petals and herbs, so that totally added to the overall flavor. Then I made a simple vinaigrette heavy on balsamic vinegar and voila! It was delicious and I got tons of compliments for using fresh peaches in a salad!

Hurray! Great job, Laure. That looks so delicious.

You can see more of the dinner party she threw over at her personal blog, At Home At Home:

Simple Dinner Party

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(Image: Laure Joliet)

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