Look! A Printer For Your Latte

Look! A printer for your coffee? Reader Rae sent us these photos of a pretty wild gadget she saw at a computer graphics trade show in Los Angeles last week. Click for more photos...

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She says,

I saw a demonstration of a new technology that prints custom artwork right on top of your latte foam! The inventors repurposed a standard inkjet printer, replacing the ink with caramel syrup. We printed the logo for our latest project, but you could use a photo, or draw your own sketch on a tablet right there. Nerdy and tasty at the same time!

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We are agog. We've seen the amazing art that talented baristas "draw" on their lattes using foam and a spoon, but this printer threatens to put them out of business. Look out barista artists - the OnLatte machine is coming for your job!

Well, maybe not; there will always be a place for artisans. Besides, this is still a prototype.

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(Images: OnLatte)