Look! Grilled Cheese Croutons for Tomato Soup

Creamy tomato soup with a hot and gooey grilled cheese sandwich may be the ultimate wintertime lunch, and it's one we're always eager to enjoy, so we were tickled to see this take on it: Homemade tomato soup with little crunchy bites of grilled cheese sandwich on top.

This idea comes from reader Sherri who says:

When my kids couldn't fathom dipping their toasted grilled cheese sandwich into tomato soup and I had an inexplicable need to get them to enjoy one of my pleasures, I decided to break it all down into small bites. I'm big into soup-scaping as it can distract my young ones from the fact that they're eating pulverized vegetables. Calling the mini grilled cheese "croutons" would be an acceptable idea to them. And let's face it, the kids like anything mini.

Forget kids — we'll take anything mini and cute like this too!

Get the recipe and read more at Sherri's blog: Roasted tomato soup & grilled cheese croutons at Crunchtime

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(Image: Sherri of Crunchtime)

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