Look! Fresh Ground Organic Flour at the Ferry Market

Look! Fresh Ground Organic Flour at the Ferry Market

Dana Velden
Dec 1, 2008

Eatwell Farm has just started to harvest and mill their own organic flour. This lovely bag of whole wheat flour was ground just the day before and costs five dollars for the three-pound bag.

Eatwell has a hand-crank mill at the market which is a great way to attract attention. Kids especially were interested in turning the crank and watching the flour come out. But the majority of the flour is ground at the farm using their new mill which produces about 30 pounds of flour an hour.

It seems like Eatwell is serious about offering grains in addition to their beautiful organic vegetables, pasture-raised eggs and lavender products. According to their web site, they've just planted eight acres each of oats, barley, triticale and Expresso Hard Red Winter Wheat and plan on adding grains and beans to their CSA offerings next year.

I'm really excited about working with fresh ground flour and will report back soon with my experiences!

(Images: Dana)

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