Look! Flex-It Measuring Cups

We're rather taken with these new flexible measuring cups. Even though we're mostly turned off by silicone in the kitchen these days, we wonder if these are the exception. Why do we like these so much?

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One of our pet peeves about working with a stand mixer is how hard it is to pour ingredients in while running. We have to stop it, and lower the bowl before adding dry ingredients especially. These cups act as funnels, almost, into a narrow space. They'd also be great for filling muffin cups, as above.

So we like that flexibility (literally!). We like anything that we can get more than one use out of!

We'd be worried, though, that they wouldn't be sturdy enough for regular measuring; would they slip away or get wobbly at bad moments? We can't say for sure because we haven't tried them yet. Have you?

• Buy Flex-It Measuring Cups, $24.95 for a set of three at Williams-Sonoma

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