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At the top of the list of things I need to do and haven't had time for is the organization of my family recipes. Even though I know most of them by heart I know I need to start organizing for my children (and my own sanity) someday. I think I've found my inspiration! Check out what Shawni did with hers!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
You can find Shawni over at the wildly popular blog 71 Toes. She recently took on the challenge of organizing her family recipes and that stash of things she wants to try in the new future and came up with a great system. That large pile became this simple book. Inside, it houses family heirlooms, memories galore and a stash of things she's yet to try, but has been meaning too!

Her tabs are brilliant and so is her organization, we've shown you the outside, now check out what the inside looks like and how she has things set up!

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(Image: 71 Toes)