Look! Candy Dish Inspiration

060209-glassware2.jpg While wandering around our local kitchen supply store we came across this quaint, little display of glass candy dishes in the window. So often we think about having to hide away all of our dishware that isn't being used, but we think they make a bold and dramatic statement in full view.

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Our mind was instantly swimming in summer dessert buffet ideas. Can't you just see these stacked on a table holding different colored candies and baked goods? The summer months are the perfect time to get your glassware out of the cabinet and put it to use!

In our kitchen we use our stray candy dishes (handed down from Grandma) to hold small things on our counter, such as, chilies from the Farmers Market or toothpicks. They make even mundane objects feel extra special! How do you use yours? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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(Images: Sarahrae)

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